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From:Bruce Abaloz <> (by way of histonet)
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We purchased a motorized Leica CM3000 a few years back now & "cannot sing
its praises any higher"!!We are a teaching Facility & therefore have
all"levels of
experience" so to speak, utilizing it....very User Friendly...reliable.Has
a separate specimen temp.control as well...down to -50Cin a matter of
minutes it has 2 compressors...therefore chamber temp.& speci.temp.can
be individually controlled.Easy to dismantle for cleaning..all stainless
steel etc.It has been supersceded I'm sure but well worth looking @ the new
version.Cheers,Bruce in OZ.

Bruce Abaloz
Department of ZOOLOGY	       *  ph:    +61 3 93446282
The University Of Melbourne    *  fax:   +61 3 93447909
Parkville Victoria.3052        *  email:

                    IF YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY......BE!!

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