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From:Daisey Joseph <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Histonetters:
We have tried everything from different pretreatment protocols to different
concentrations of the antibody and have concluded that antigen Ki67 antigen
is masked by the Prefer fixative.  I have been in contact with other labs
using Prefer fixative and the experience is mutual.   If someone out there
has found  a way to make it work, I'd like to know also.

Daisy Joseph
Impath  Inc.

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From:	Kathy-Jean Carney []
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Subject:	ki-67 protocol

Does anyone have a protocol for Ki-67 (Zymed or Immunotech antibodies)
when tissue is fixed in Prefer?  Our Immuno's are done by automation.  We
do not antigen retrieve with prefer, but is there something else we can do?
We are getting all negative staining and I know some should be positive.

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