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Hi Joyce,
I am a diehard Paraplast + user and have been for years and years. I have
tried many other paraffins and have not found one I like better, although
some have been similar. I like it because it is "hard" which I think is best
for  thin sectioning. I also like it because it is a fairly transparent
paraffin and withstands a fairly hot waterbath. I like a waterbath up around
50 degrees C as I feel the tissue "lays out" better, although I do snatch it
out of the waterbath fairly quickly! All our techs like it best regardless
of the temp at which they keep their waterbath.
Good luck, just my dos centavos.
Have no idea what the problem with your paraffin is..interested to find out
EMC, Rancho Mirage, CA
From: Joyce Friedland
To: histonet
Subject: Tissue Prep
Date: Thursday, November 12, 1998 9:20AM

Hi All,
Is anyone else having problems with Tissue Prep paraffin they have received
in the past two weeks?  Our sections are "exploding" in a way similar to
blocks that are comtaminated with xylene. As a test we tried cutting some
plain paraffin blocks (no tissue) and saw the same problem. Lowering the
waterbath temp. helps only a bit.
Any ideas??
What other paraffin brands are people using?

Thanks, Joyce

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