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From:Cynthia Favara <> (by way of histonet)
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	I have had very good luck putting brain sections on tissue paper and
wrapping it. also have used index cards and filter paper. If you would like
more info please let me know.
Cynthia Favara
Rocky Mountain Laboratories
903 S 4th Street
Hamilton, MT 59840
ph: 406-363-9317
FAX: 406-363-9286

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> From: 	Ian Montgomery[]
> Sent: 	Saturday, October 31, 1998 3:14 AM
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> Subject: 	Thin Brain sections (fwd)
>  A researcher hear wants parraffin sections of mouse brain cortex.
> >The cortex is sliced into 350 micron sections exposed to different
> >treatments, then fixed and processed as usual.  The problem is that these
> >thin sections warp during processing making it impossible to get a
> complete
> >section of the tissue.  Is it possible to keep the trimmed sections flat
> >during processing?  I have never used agar.  Would embedding in agar
> first
> >work?  Or sandwiching in sponges?  Any ideas?
> >Thanks much.
> >Kim DeRuyter
> >Veterinary Services
> >UAF
> >
> Kim,
> 	I sandwich the slices between tissue processing foam pads, place in
> a cassette and process in the normal way.
> Ian.

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