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Start Date:  11/05/1998  08:45 am  (Thursday)
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To Michelle in Alaska,
We can definitely sympathize with you about your Sakura cryostat.  We
purchased a new Sakura cyrostat and only had it a few months or so
when  it lost power and the refrigerant died.  It had to be sent back
to California in the big shipping crate and they kept it for two
weeks.  When it came back again, it only ran for about three days and
the same thing happened again.  This time the company sent a
repairman to our lab, and after several tests and putting in new
parts it still would not run.  After many calls to the company, they
agreed to send us a replacement, and our pathologist said NO.  So
they are refunding our complete purchase price and we are going to go
with another company, not yet decided. We have had many other
products made by Sakura like the VIP, and our lab-tek embedding
machines and would highly reccommend them.  There must be some little
problem with the refrigeration in the cryostats, but I am sure they
are currently working on the problem and I would not worry about
buying from them again in the future as I believe they are honest
people and will resolve your problems also.  Thanks for telling us
that as we were beginning to wonder if we had electrical problems so
had our engineers in with all kinds of equipment to check our
voltage, etc.and found our lab to be OK.
Karen Dulany HTL (ASCP)
Marianne Osborne HTL (ASCP)
Eppley Institute for Cancer Research
Omaha, NE

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