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Here are two sources that can help.

National Disease Research Interchange (NDRI), 215-557-7361

Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN),

For both organizations you set up protocols for the specific tissues and how
you would like them to be collected, prepared (fixed, stored, frozen)etc..
CHTN will process them to paraffin for you if you so desire.


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> From: 	Daisey Joseph
> Sent: 	Tuesday, November 3, 1998 9:20 PM
> To: 	''
> Subject: 	Normal Tissues - Help!
> We are in need of normal tissues, formalin fixed, paraffin embedded or wet
> tissues saved in 70% Ethanol.  The tissues are needed for testing antibody
> specificity.
> I would appreciate anyone's help or please direct me to some sources.
> Anyway, here is the list:
> Esophagus	Stomach	Small Intestine	Colon	Liver
> Kidney	Lung	Heart	Mesothelium	Brain
> Nerve (peripheral)	Adrenal gland	Testes or ovary	Pancreas
> Parathyroid
> Thyroid	Breast	Cervix	Uterus (Endomet)	Prostrate
> Spleen	Lymph node	Thymus	Bone Marrow	Skin
> Skeletal Muscle 	Salivary gland
> We especially need: Thymus, Parathyroid, Adrenal gland, esophagus, cervix,
> and bone marrow
> We will pay for services and shipping charges.

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