RE: Manual H&E staining problem

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Is there also a problem with the Hematoxylin staining in those areas? If so,
my guess is that the deparaffinization is not complete. Also, are you drying
in the microwave? I have seen similar problems when dried in the microwave,
just a thought.
Hope you post the solution, this is very curious.
Mary Georger

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> From: 	Pam Plumlee[]
> Sent: 	Thursday, November 12, 1998 12:50 PM
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> Subject: 	Manual H&E staining problem
> Histonetters: I do manual H&E staining on human and animal tissue.
> Lately some sections or parts of sections are not taking up the Eosin.
> This problem is very intermittent, but very noticeable on slide review.
> Sometimes the first level on a slide will stain great and on the third
> level the whole right half of the section will not stain.  I've tried
> drying the slides longer, alternating the side holder from side to side,
> to make sure the paraffin melts correctly.  Any ideas?  Thanks in
> advance,

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