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You can purchase breast carcinoma cell lines from American Type Culture
Collection (ATCC)
This organization warehouses cell lines that have been characterized in the
literature for many different uses i.e. molecular or immunocytochemical
etc.  MCF7 is one cell line you can purchase from them that is ER+ and PR+.
Call 800-638-6597 in USA & Canada or 301-881-2600 outside the USA.

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Subject:	Immuno controls for FNA's

Hi All,
We have just been asked to start doing ER/PR on FNA slides.  My question
is, what do we use as controls?  A  paraffin block does not seem to be
an appropriate contol for a fluid.  We do not work in a hospital or a
histology lab.  We are in a reference lab in which the already embedded
blocks come to us for immuno staining.  We just cut the slides and
perform the immunos, so access to FNA fluids or fresh tissues is not an
option here.  We do have a Shandon Cytospin here.    Any ideas or
comments will be most appreciated.

Janice Koutny  HT(ASCP)
Cytometry Asso.
Brentwood, TN

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