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It's my little girl's 3rd birthday today. When she was born my British
friend Rachel informed me she was born on Guy Fawke's day. I said "what the
heck is that" and she proceeded to inform me about this crazy guy and how
they celebrate in England by lighting fires and burning effigies of Guy
Fawkes. I said the Brits would find any excuse to get drunk! At least
Rachel will never forget Christina's birthday!

Cindy Farman
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Seems to be a Brit mentality to celebrate failures, maybe it's because we
don't have enough successes :-(.
I mean who else would make a hero out of someone who came last in a
arena, remember the fuss we made out of Eddie (the Eagle) Edwards.
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Date: 05 November 1998 09:11
Subject: Halloween & Guy Fawkes

O.K., all you guys in the States make a big ball out of halloween -
of pagan origin, if I remember aright.

Well, to day is OUR big day.
We celebrate Guy Fawkes - who FAILED to blow up Parliament - never
quite understood why we celebrate a failure?  Anyway, ever since, on
the 5th November, we have our own pagan festival whereby we all go to
great lengths to show our old hero Guy how he SHOULD have gone about
Hence, this evening we will all light bonfires, eat hot-dogs and down
the occasional amber nectar whist letting off fireworks galore!  The
sky will be lit up with rockets and sparks, people will be full of
bonhomie, firemen will earn overtime, casualty departments will be
full, tomorrow the skin banks will be empty.

Why the hell couldn't Guy Fawkes get it right, then we could
celebrate Halloween and not ever have to worry about 5 November?
Russ Allison, Wales

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