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From:Pam Plumlee <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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To: Nancy from Sakura and other helpful netters: My H2O bath is 45
degrees with DI h2O and 1 ml of Sta On.  I use Superfrost slides.  When
I pick up my sections, I lean them against my waterbath at an angle to
let them dry.  I put them in a 60 degree oven for a least 1 hour.  I use
Xylene times 3 for 5 minutes ea and !00% times 3 for 1 minute and 95%
times 2 for 1 minute for depariffinization. After bluing I use a tap
rinse and then a DI rinse for at least a minute.  I also use a quick 80%
rinse before Eosin.  I just found out my server will be down for a week
starting the 13th, then I go on vacation till Dec.!!!  Thanks again for
all the suggestions...this is a great resource.  Thanks, Pam

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