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From:Mary Stevens <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Hi Michael,

We use a film scanner from Lasergraphics.  The latest sales
information I rec'd from them is:
they offer 3 types ranging from 16L resolution down to 8K resolution,
prices range from 23K down to 11K, roughly.

Their number is 800-727-2655 or try  We have
had ours for ~3 years or so, and to my knowledge it's been serviced
once.  We had to send it to them, but we rented a replacement, and
they had our original back very quickly.

Hope this helps.

>>> "Michael J. Lyon, Ph.D." <lyonm@VAX.CS.HSCSYR.EDU> - 11/13/98
11:56 AM >>>

I know that this has been discussed before.  But since I wasn't in
the market for a scanner I didn't pay much attention.  We are looking
for a film scanner for electron microscopy.  Any suggestions would be


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