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From:Gayle Callis <uvsgc@msu.oscs.montana.edu> (by way of histonet)
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Wear gloves with silk liners (to prevent dishpan hands) and do frozens
using the brush technic.  Silk liners help the gloves conform nicely to the
hands.  I do not wear gloves that are loose, they must fit snugly, or
there is a danger of catching edges.  Gloves are required for FS on any human
tissues, even if they are fixed with NBF in our animal research lab, and
also for any highly infectious agents used on animals

1.  Dexterity is not compromised with right or left hands, even without
antiroll device.

2.  I learned to section rapidly, comparable to when no gloves are being
worn.  Contest anyone?!?  Better practice with your gloves on!

3.  I use a knife guard when adjusting blocks, plus lock flywheel

4.  My dentist uses gloves to do fine work on my fangs (he taught me to
use the silk liners, thin), and his dexterity is not compromised either.

5.  A cut is no less dangerous with or without gloves,   I still prefer
to wear gloves to prevent "aerosolized" particles, sections, or whatever
that can land on skin.  The comment about not knowing if the skin barrier
is broken is a good one, we can't bve absolutely sure, so glove up.

6.  No only do I wear gloves, but I wear safety glasses OVER my regular
glasses (refer to #5).

I clean cryostat (so do all the users, grad students, other technician)
with 70% ethanol on guaze and held with a long hemostat or forceps after
sectioning.  Vacuums scare me, how do you clean THESE
after sectioning tissues with (potential) infectious agents, a Catch-22!

If people are advised to use condoms to help protect against HIV, plus all
other infectious STD's, then using gloves is the same kind of good
advice.  Even though this is not 100%, I prefer to practice
"safe frozen sections"!

Out of the fray!
Gayle Callis

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