DAKP Hercept

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I'm getting mail failures when I reply so I'll forward that message on
to the net again. Maybe it'll work this time!
>What we have done here at Saint Joseph's is: Obtain a written order from
>the clinician requesting the test. (We devised a form to send to the
>office so that we would get all the necessary pt info.) We have the
>pathologist review the slides and give us the correct block for testing.
>If there is sufficient material we have the patient registered in the
>hospital system with current billing info (from the drs. office.) Then
>we accession the specimen with the prefix "R" (reference testing) and we
>have a current case to bill the new test on. Hope this makes sense. J:>)
>>From: 	Patricia M. Karlisch[SMTP:PKARLISCH@PSGHS.EDU]
>>Sent: 	Monday, November 02, 1998 5:09 PM
>>To: 	Histonet@pathology.swmed.edu
>>Subject: 	DAKO Hercept
>>Dear Histonetters,
>>Does anyone  know how billing is to proceed on archival material used to
>>perform the Hercept test for Her2/neu?  Assuming a clinician and his
>>request such a study to be performed on blocks from several years
>>ago...could you generate a billing number without a  current procedure date
>>(aside from billling the patient directly).  This is obviously posing some
>>problems since there is increased public awareness of this "prognostic"
>>marker and its' potential  on archival blocks. At the moment we have only a
>>few requests but I know this will increase dramatically.
>>Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
>>Pat Karlisch
>>Team Leader
>>Geisinger Medical Center
>>Danville, PA  17821

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