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Carnoy is already in absolute alcohol.  There is no reason to go back to
95%.  We have processed a lot of Carnoy.  I can give two references and
will attach a procedure in a direct message to Marykay. We process through
Absolute, methyl benzoate, xylene & paralast.

Puchtler H, Waldrop FS, Conner HM , Terry MS: Histochemie 16:361-371, 1968

Methacarn which is simply Carnoy with Methanol substituted for the ethanol

Puchlter H, Waldrop FS, Meloan SN, Terry MS, Conner HM: Histochmie
21:97-116, 1970

Both of these papers contain much discussion & procedures.

	Susan Meloan
	Chief Histotechnologist
	Dept of Pathology
	Medical College of Georgia
	Augusta, GA 30912
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