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here, here or is that hear, hear?

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I agree with Joe (here I am butting in again), but.....

I like 'dissection' rather than 'disection' which terms some
lexicographers like to treat as synonyms.  Since I am write and they R
rong, and I am in charge, all my minions have been dissectors rather
than disectors.  I always hope that my surgeon will be the former rather
than the latter.

Thus it goes with arbitrary, and even sometimes correct, bosses.  Even
when they are wrong, they assume the right to be left when they are
talking to their techs.

I assume that many pathologists have bottles of dye/stain on their
shelves designated as either 'blue collagen' or 'pink collagen' stain
which phrases they must also use in their presentations.  In such cases
their sub-ordinates merely have to kno the final color to choose the
correct one. Of course a peer may ask at a luncheon, "What's the
difference between red and pink collagen?  Surely there must be a
molecular explanation.  Have you ever seen yellow collagen or green?
Perhaps there is a paper here."

I vote for the guy/gal who invented the stain.  Surely s/he got it wrong
for all of us to follow.

Jeers, Cheers, and Beers, it's Friday!

Fred Monson

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Scotch works for me


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I think it's reticulum network, reticular fibers, or reticulin fibers
that we're staining.  I really don't think that the label needs to be

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Reticulin here.

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Subject: [Histonet] semantics?

Is it a reticular stain or a reticulum stain?   On our labels for the
retic stain we put the word, reticulum.   One of my pathologists has
asked me to correct this with the word, reticular.   So, for 35 years
have I been using the wrong word?  Yikes.

Hazel Horn

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