Re: [Histonet] MiTF on a Ventana Immunostainer

From:"Sate Hamza"

It sounds to me from my colleague's comment that she tried contacting
Ventana regarding this, but that they were not of much help.



On 11/18/07, Tanya Ewing-Finchem  wrote:
> Have you asked your Ventana Sales Rep about help with the situation? ;-)
> It has been my experience that Ventana has an applications lab that can
> help you with a 3rd party Ab. work up.
> [--] "Does anyone have a protocol for using MITF-1 on a Ventana
> immunostainer? Ventana doesn't have the antibody so they are not much help
> in either acquiring the antibody or helping us get started using it."> >[--]

Sate Hamza, MD, FRCPC
Winnipeg, Canada
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