Re: [Histonet] microtomy technical question

From:Rene J Buesa

  This type of problem (requiring ice, glycerol, and others) to allow sectioning usually stem from either a fixing or processing defficiency. I suggest you to check your fixing times and processing protocols or you will keep having this type of difficulties.
  Tissues (any type) properly infiltrated (after adequate fixation/processing) do not need anything but a light cooling to allow ribbons to be taken.
  René J.

Eva C Andersson  wrote:
  Hello everyone,
I have some questions regarding microtomy. 
We place our blocks face down on ice. The problem is that some tissues take a very long time before they are ready to be cut(some more than 6 hours). For some tissues like kidney samples (mouse tissue) we have been using glycerol on the ice. This does seem to cut down on the time needed. My question is which other tissues can I use this technique on? Do you have any other suggestions for how to get the tissue hydrated for cutting?
Thank you for your help,
Eva Permaul
Georgetown University

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