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To add to René's message:  The xylene should drop on the slide like a string of pearls. One drop just not quit touching the other.

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Usually bubbles trapped underneath the tape are due to less than adequate amount of xylene. You have to regulate the size of the xylene drop to the amount needed to cover without bubbles.
  Don't overdue it because you may end with toomuch xylene and very "wet" slides.
  René J.

Jackie M O'Connor  wrote:
  I love our automatic tape coverslipper. I'm a new user of an old machine, 
and I've noticed a problem. Perhaps someone can offer some insight. 
Occasionally, an artefact appears that resembles trapped air, microscopic 
bubbles, if you will, that appear gray-black on a higher plane than the 
tissue, so I know it's a superficial artefact. I just don't know what is 
causing it - but I'm sure it has something to do with the tape 
coverslipper - but what? I don't know enough about the machine to 
troubleshoot it - it seems a relatively simple instrument. Tape, a wheel 
and xylene. Where are the bubbles coming from, and how do I get rid of 
them? The pathologist thought it was some kind of dirt or dust debris 
accumulation - but we've decided it's air. Help.

Jackie O'
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