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The tape transfer system comes from Instrumedics which has been bought by
McCormick but I believe they still operate under the Instrumedics name.

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Subject: [Histonet] Re: Tape for cutting undecalcified bone frozens

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Andy Mena with Stat Lab (800-442-3573 x224)recently showed us a tape
that would do what you described except on fatty or unfixed paraffin
sections.  It uses an ultra violet light also.  Try giving him a call.
He may be able to help you.

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Subject: [Histonet] Cut frozen bone sections (docqian)
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A number of years  ago I used a technique for frozen sections of
undecalcified bone. It involved using a special tape that is affixed to
the face of the block.. As the section is cut it adheres to the tape.
The tape is then affixed to a slide coated with a UV activated adhesive
and the slide with section attached is placed under a UV lamp. It did
require practice but the sections were excelent. All the materials
including the lamp came in a kit. Unfotunately I don't remember the
source. You might try Electron Microscopy Supply or a specilty histology


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Thank you

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