[Histonet] macrophages/microglia in FFPE tissue

From:Zach Weil

Hello,  I am having a very difficult time labelling microglia/macrophages in FFPE tissue.  I have tried a couple of OX-42 (Serotec and Chemicon), MHC-II, several lectins and ED-1 (also serotec) and I am consistently getting no positive staining.  This tissue works well for other antigens and I have tried a variety of proteolytic antigen retrieval steps to try and get at these antigens.  I know that cell surface markers don't survive paraffin embedding to well but I didnt think the lectins or the ED-1 should be that affected by that.   If anyone can suggest anything I would really appreciate it.  There are only a couple published papers on hamster tissue (not my hamster species) and I've tried their protocols with no success.  
  Zachary Weil
  Departments of Psychology and Neuroscience
  The Ohio State University

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