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From:Geoff McAuliffe

I have forgotten who the original poster was but I just had a flashback 
    Years ago (and I do mean early 1970's or so) there was a paper in 
Stain Technology (now Biotechnic and Histochemistry) about demonstrating 
vasculature in kidney (or ?) by doing a benzidine (or diaminobenzidine) 
reaction for blood in vessels. If one was to clamp the vein draining the 
organ first the vasculature would fill, then clamp the artery. Remove 
and fix in something that won't lyse RBC, cut sections as thick or thin 
as you like, and do the reaction.


Gayle Callis wrote:

> Vector laboratories just sent a flyer on using a tomato lectin 
> conjugated to rhodamine for staining blood vessels in tissues.  Go to 
> and read their latest VECTAGRAM.
> For further and specific methods, go to American Journal of Pathology, 
> 166(3), 2005 for a publication on using this method.  It can be done 
> by intravascular perfusion or on tissue sections.  The publication 
> used a FITC labeled tomato lectin and was quite elegant.
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