Re: [Histonet] Toluene and Flouresence Staining

From:Gayle Callis

Depending on the fluorphore you are using, you should mount the coverslip 
with an antifade mounting media immediately after staining is 
completed.  Do not dehydrate or clear through the same solvents as you 
would use for an H&E stain.  A good mounting media is Prolong gold antifade 
from Molecular Probes, but there are others on the market from Vector and 

For a good discussion on mounting medias used for this purpose, go to IHC 
world, and into the fluorescence heading.s.

At 11:15 AM 11/4/2006, you wrote:
>I am studying tracheal vasculature by using vWF as blood vessel marker.
>   After staining i am using toluene to clear the tissue, but after using 
> that flouresence goes down..................??
>   Can anyone guide me for to slove this issue.
>   If some one have a better protocol for tracheal whole mounnt staining, 
> I would love to try for that.
>   Regard
>   Dr. Rudiger Tom
>   University of Connecticut, Storrs
>   Connecticut
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