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From:Bryan Llewellyn

Many years ago I worked in a lab where we were getting a new mortuary.  The 
new one had been built, but the old morgue was still there with the tables 
etc still in place.  I was the student coordinator for the med lab program 
as well as histo supervisor and part of the job was to choose the students 
and oversee the training program.  Being a targeted male in a predominantly 
female work environment, a running joke was my interview technique for 
mostly female students - of the nudge, nudge, wink, wink variety.

I came in one morning and the Chief Technologist attacked me verbally about 
leaving the old morgue in such a mess, and how he was completely disgusted. 
So I went to the morgue and looked.  The buggers had spread ladies clothing, 
empty liquor bottles, pantyhose, blankets and other stuff all over it to 
look like an orgy.  I was the butt of their jokes all day long, the sexists! 
Since they had draped more than three or four pairs of ladies undies around 
the mortuary, to this day I don't know whether to be insulted or 

What nobody was expecting was that right afterwards, and before it got 
cleaned up, an RCMP officer came into the hospital to see an autopsy on an 
unexpected death.  He went to the old morgue instead of the new one.  I 
understand he stood still in shock for a few minutes, then turned around and 
left.  He was never seen again.

Of course, I eventually got my revenge, but that's another story.


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