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From:Bryan Llewellyn

I think an American would use an accepted American meaning of the term
rather than a British one, but even in Britain "Bugger" doesn't always mean
someone who engages in anal intercourse.  It also has the meaning of "fool"
or "pitiable person", as a synonym for "poor sod" for example, or something
like that.  The original user was from the US, so presumably she used one of
that dialect's definitions.  I originally derived it from "bug" with tongue
in cheek, but since then I have looked it up in dictionaries and got the
following.  It seems that the use to mean "something annoying" is actually
derived from "bug" referring to an insect, so I was (quite unintentially)
spot on.  There is also a third meaning.  Do a Google search on "dictionary"
and check the meaning in some of the ones that come up.  Note
Merriam-Webster's definition 1-3.

Merrriam-Webster online dictionary

Main Entry: 1 bug·ger
Pronunciation: 'b&-g&r, 'bu-g&r
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English bougre heretic, from Middle French, from Medieval
Latin Bulgarus, literally, Bulgarian; from the association of Bulgaria with
the Bogomils, who were accused of sodomy
2 a : a worthless person : RASCAL
3 : a small or annoying thing 

Main Entry: 2 bug·ger
Pronunciation: 'b&-g&r
Function: transitive verb
1 usually vulgar : to commit sodomy with
2 : DAMN

Main Entry: 3 bugger
Function: noun
: a person who plants electronic bugs

Bryan Llewellyn

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Um no, still wrong. You need to explore the UK accepted meaning of the
term rather than it being a derivative of 'bug'; I concede bunging a
'ger; may lead you to think that it's someone who bugs you but in the UK
it has a more anal meaning.

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Philip Eugene
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Nope, spot on. The difference is British vs. the purer form of English
we know over on this side of the puddle. This difference possibly comes
from days spent as a youth in British Public Schools.


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Um nope, not even near.

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The ending "er" in English denotes a person (or thing) who/which does an

action.  To "bug" is a colloquial expression meaning to irritate, so a
"bugger" (the letter g is doubled to preserve the short vowel sound)
be someone (or something) who irritates someone else.  Is there another


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"Quite a bugger" I quote.

Do you know what one is? It doesn't seem to fit the context in which you
are using it. Are you using it as a noun or a verb?

I'm sure you aren't talking about Sally.

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Subject: RE: [Histonet] oil red o

Make sure that you are not pressing (at all!) on your coverslip, even to
out air bubbles. The ORO will come right out of the fat cells. Quite a


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[]On Behalf Of Sally
Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2005 11:53 PM
Subject: [Histonet] oil red o

I am trying to locate a protocol for a consistant Oil red O stain. I
know if it is in coverslipping where the stain is moving off the fat
or in my differentiation step. I am staining on frozen skeletal muscle
sections. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you,


Sally J. Prouty
HHMI/University of Iowa
Kevin Campbell Laboratory
400 EMRB
Iowa City, Iowa 52246

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