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From:Gayle Callis

We like a neutral buffered formalin (phosphate salts) and purchase it 
either ready to use or in concentrated form (to make a final working 
solution)  We find NBF concentrates convenient and economical. Several of 
our labs prefer ready to use phophate buffered formalin i.e. 
NBF(Fisherbrand) in order to avoid formaldehyde fumes during NBF 
preparation without an available fume hood.
Richard Allan, Surgipath and others have formalin concentrates 
available.  Surgipath has Carsons Millonigs Buffered Formalin with slightly 
different buffering formulation using sodium hydroxide and a phosphate 
salt, and MBF also comes in concentrated form. The joy of this one is - it 
was developed for use with both FFPE and EM per Freida Carson's publication 
in JOH many years ago.

All of the above provided excellent fixation.

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