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From:Pamela Marcum

At 10:26 AM 11/16/2005, Rene J Buesa wrote:
>   Formalin, as a neutral buffered solution (NBF), is pretty much the same 
> from
>any supplier. You should go with the one that provides you with the most
>   advantageous offer from a reputable supplier.
>   Also there is something else to consider: are you going to supply vials 
> with
>   NBF to others or are you just going to use the NBF for your tissue 
> processor?
>   If you are not going to supply the NBF to others, you should know how 
> they are
>   fixing the tissues you are going to process to see if whatever they use 
> is convenient
>   for you.
>   Rene J.
>"Harrison, Sandra C."  wrote:
>   Is there a brand of formalin that is optimal for a routine hospital
>histology lab? We use an automated tissue processor and have approx.
>150 blocks per day.
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I am sorry I must disagree as there are several different formulas now 
available in pre-made 10% NBF with different buffer components.  It is best 
to decide which buffer base you require and stay with that formula.  The 
most popular and common is the sodium phosphate base with a combination of 
mono and dibasic salts.  The formalin mixtures with citrate or single salts 
may not hold buffering capacity as well and can precipitate if temperature 
ranges vary too much even short time frames.  These may also have changes 
in pH due to the salt concentration change.

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