Re: [Histonet] batch controls

From:Rene J Buesa

Hi Ron:
  I used to batch several cases with 1 + control. 
  For example: when we did the HER2/neu tests with the  Dako kit we did all the 
  tests on Thursday and we used 1 Dako + control for all the cases. 
  I prepared a list of all the cases run during the day and sent it to the
  pathologist with the + control. He signed the list and it was filed in a way that the
  cases could be referred to that + control.
  We used the same procedure for H. pyloris staining (we used modefied Steiner)
  and there was also a list of cases with 1 control every 8 cases that could be
  stained simultaneously in a Coplin jar, so if we had 20 cases we would distribute
  them in 3 groups, each with 1 + control.
  In this way the fundamental thing is the documentation that you have to have in
  the event that it is necessary to should the + control for a given case.
  Hope this will help!
  Rene J. wrote:
  Fellow techs,
Does anyone use only one special stain control slide for multiple cases? We want to run only one control slide for several AB PAS patient slides. How would you cross reference the patient cases to the control? By date or case number or something else?
Thanks in Advance.
Ron Martin

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