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From:Pamela Marcum

THANKS, to all who answered and understand why both Jamie and I - as well 
as many others are so out of sorts with ASCP at times.  We are all 
histologists with something to offer the field and it is something I have 
always been proud of, just not happy with the way ASCP treats research people.


At 01:27 PM 11/16/2005, Colleen Forster wrote:
>I agree with Pam ...completely. I too do research and I am HT certified 
>because I started in the clinical route. While in the clinical lab I 
>tested for the QIHC. It has been a GREAT benefit for me in my research 
>positions and I encourage all people pursuning histology work weather 
>research or clinicla to get registered. One never knows what turns life 
>might take and the added skills/knoweledge will be a benefit!!
>ASCP definitiely needs to widen their range!
>Colleen Forster
>U of MN
>Pamela Marcum wrote:
>>Hi Tim and Jamie,
>>I know Jamie and have for many years and you are right anyone would be 
>>happy to hire him for his experience in clinical or his current research 
>>position.  However, it is also true that now research positions are often 
>>asking for at least an HT or even HTL (ASCP) to fill position with 
>>histology as the main focus.  Yet we are given a set of criteria for 
>>tissue that often excludes animal research applicants from completing the 
>>practical easily.  I took my HT many years ago and I was told that even 
>>in a research position (and I had a BS at the time) it would improve my 
>>salary and increase me to higher level in the university if I got my 
>>HT.  I was told not to use animal tissue (1976) as no one reading the 
>>exam could properly read them.
>>Now we have veterinary person there and tissue requirements can still 
>>eliminate some people or make it almost impossible to complete the 
>>practical with out help in procurement.  Why should that happen to some 
>>one attempting to improve their position within the histology community?
>>My real problem with what you said about the QIHC is that I would also 
>>like to take it and can not qualify either.  Yet those of us in research 
>>are often finding the very antibodies and test methods companies and 
>>diagnostics later fight to get or learn.  We are exempt in your mind and 
>>ASCP's even though research is what you depend on often for advances.  I 
>>have never and will never understand this logic and exempt status for 
>>those of us  who chose not to be clinical.  We are still often required 
>>to have or get ASCP status as a way to advance and prove we know our 
>>field.  ASCP needs to get up to date on the fields it is registering or 
>>make new categories for those of still contribute to clinical advances 
>>every year.
>>Sorry if sounds like I am picking on you Tim.   I just don't see how we 
>>are required to be registered on one hand for acceptance (even NSH likes 
>>to see it) and discounted on the other.
>>Pam Marcum
>>UPENN Vet School
>>New Bolton Center
>>Kennett Square, PA 19384
>>At 12:07 PM 11/16/2005, Morken, Tim - Labvision wrote:
>>>Jamie, It seems from what you say that you are working in a research lab. Is
>>>that correct? My understanding about the ASCP certification is that it is
>>>aimed at providing a modicum of proof that a person is qualified to work in
>>>a medical diagnostic lab. Research labs are not  considered diagnostic labs.
>>>As you imply, a person in a research lab will often work on only a limited
>>>sample set. Therefore, it is meaningless to apply the the ASCP standard to
>>>research people.
>>>  If you are planning to move into the diagnostic field, then I'll bet you
>>>could easily find a job in a diagnostic lab, get the experience, and qualify
>>>to take the test. It may be that some diagnostic labs have a suggested
>>>requirement to be ASCP certified as a QIHC, but the vast majority would be
>>>happy to find someone with the experience you outline, even if they had not
>>>previously worked in a diagnositc lab.
>>>Tim Morken
>>>Lab Vision - Neomarkers
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>>>This is my point.  With the requirements listed below someone with 25 years
>>>of experience doing immuno (single, double, triple antibody staining, making
>>>own antibodies, and in situ Hybridization: all with and without using kits,
>>>all with and without using an automated stainer) is not qualified for this
>>>certification if they work in a research facility where immunophenotyping is
>>>not done. There is no system of doing it on your own to prove that you have
>>>the capability to do immunophenotyping in order to fullfil this requirement.
>>>I guess it is time to start harrassing ASCP about the unfairness of this
>>> >From almost always sunny San Diego
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>>>         James, to qualify for the qualification you take the 50 question
>>>         and submit an employer reference form + of course satisfy one 
>>> of the
>>>         three routes.  There is no practical to submit anymore.  I think
>>>that is
>>>         what you are asking.  It seems to me that it wouldn't matter about
>>>         specificity antigens/markers or what diseases or human 
>>> cells.  There
>>>         no requirement other than what is requested on the employer
>>>         form which you can't see the details until you order and receive
>>>         packet. Is it possible for anyone to post a copy of the employer
>>>         reference form.  From the ASCP website this is what it says "
>>>         Qualification in Immunohistochemistry
>>>         Experience requirements
>>>         Applicants must have experience in the following areas
>>>             * Immunohistochemical and Immunofluorescence Preparation
>>>               All of the following should have been performed by the
>>>                   o staining technique
>>>                   o selection of proper control material
>>>                   o titration of immunologic reagents
>>>             * Immunophenotyping
>>>               in at least one of the following applications
>>>                   o immunodeficiencies
>>>                   o immunoproliferative disorders (neoplastic and
>>>         disorders)
>>>                   o transplantation biopsies
>>>                   o other immunophenotyping applications
>>>                     please specify: ______________________
>>>             * Quality Assurance
>>>               The applicant should have participated in Quality Assurance
>>>         related to all of the following
>>>                   o specimen fixation, processing, microtomy
>>>                   o reagent selection, preparation, storage, disposal
>>>                   o method selection, validation, documentation
>>>                   o quality control
>>>                   o safety
>>>         "  This is the experience which I am assuming is only 
>>> documented for
>>>         ASCP through the employer reference form, hence if you only do 
>>> A and
>>>         and not B you can't qualify unless your employer is dishonest 
>>> on the
>>>         form. Because even if you crosstrain into what I assume is flow
>>>         cytometry but don't actually work it day to day as part of your job
>>>         do not qualify because you have not had experience doing it for a
>>>         minimun of 12 months.  As for research, same thing if you do all of
>>>         every day then your good to go.  If not it is a grey or is it gray
>>>         that I'm looking more information/details on.  In the past you
>>>         qualified your work with different immuno stains as a practical , I
>>>         don't remember there being a flow requirement.  Maybe I'm wrong but
>>>         anyone have this info I'm looking for.
>>>         G Hurlburt HT(ASCP)
>>>         sunny and warm NC
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