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From:Rene J Buesa

  In our SOP for IHC we required 1 negative control per block and that was what we were reqiured to do by CAP. You don't have to have a negative for each antibody as we used to do way back in 1983. 
  Now NCCLS (Document MM4-A, vol.19, No.26 of Dec./99) recommends for Inspection Requirements (heading 7.1.4; pp 20)  1 positive and 1 negative tissue or cell control with each run, although there is not included the definition of "run".
  Since each block can have their own characteristics with regards to how it ended being fixed or processed I always used to have 1 negative control per block and stop doing 1 negative per block per antibody.
  Hope this will help!
  Rene J.

Janci Wellborn  wrote:
  Does anyone know if a neg mouse control is required by CAP on every slide in 
a case. If it is, what is the listing.

We have a new pathologist and he ordered immuno staining on 8 blocks on the 
same case. The tech ran a neg mouse on each block. I has been my 
understanding that only one negative mouse is required for a case.

Janci Wellborn, BS, BSeD, HTL

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