Re: [Histonet] Collagen & Elastin IHC on Frozens

From:John Kiernan

Why use expensive immunohistochemical reagents to stain
collagen and elastin? There are plenty of less expensive
ways to do the job using dyes, which are VERY much cheaper 
than antibodies. Immunohistochemistry is needed only 
for specific identification of particular types of collagen.

You don't say who and where you are. Are you a graduate 
student, a technician, a senior professor, a pathology 
resident, a captain of industry, or a laboratory mouse 
cloned from some of the DNA in Einstein's formadehyde-fixed 
brain? You will get more and better replies if you give
more information about what you are trying to investigate.

John Kiernan
Anatomy, UWO
London, Canada.
---------------------------------------------- wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> I would guess that many of you have done IHC for collagen and elastin  on
> frozen sections.  Are there any antibodies you would suggest and any  tricks for
> using them.  I will be working with sheep tissues, primarily  lung and
> isolated pulmonary vessels.
> Thanks,
> Albert
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