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From:"Ingles Claire"

I have wondered the same thing many times myself. Whether it was naturally me or the addition of the chemicals that made me a bit strange. I think it may be partly both. I usually blame it on the chemical fumes though. :)
Claire Ingles
Mohs Clinic, UW Hosp.
Madison WI 


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I have often wondered whether I became a histotech because I was born
strange, or whether I became strange because of the time I spent training in
a place like that!

Bryan Llewellyn

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> Joseph made some excellent points here
> Chloroform is an excellent clearing agent (used it back in the 60's in
> open dip and dunk processors - O.K. so I'm old!) but no one warned us
> about its carcinogenic nature and there were no safety issue regulations
> then.  Take his advice!

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