RE: [Histonet] Haematoxylin absorption

From:"Rittman, Barry R"

Difficult to diagnose without seeing the sections.
If your sections contain bone or cartilage , it is possible that these have lifted from the slide. Soft tissue may also on occasions lift because it is not  adhering to the slide. This often allows stain to reach the section from both sides and stain the section more strongly in those areas.
If this is the case then, as suggested by Muhammad careful drying of sections may be the answer. 
Also the use of plus slides may help.
The most common cause, as noted earlier is due to in complete deparaffinization.
Good luck.


From: on behalf of Muhammad Tahseen
Sent: Thu 11/17/2005 11:30 AM
To: Simione R. Turaganiwai;
Subject: Re: [Histonet] Haematoxylin absorption

Hello Simione,

Your problem sounds like uneven section cutting on microtomy or section was
not complete dried after microtome.

Muhammad Tahseen,
MLT(Punjab Medical Faculty)
 Histology Supervisor
 Lahore Pakistan.

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From: Simione R. Turaganiwai 
Sent: Friday, November 18, 2005 11:44 AM
Subject: [Histonet] Haematoxylin absorption

1.A haematoxylin and eosin slide was submitted to our Pathologist and she
asked as to why did some portion of stained tissue  absorbed more
haematoxylin and some portion were light meaning absorbed less haematoxylin?

2.How can this be improved?


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