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From:"Jo Dee Fish"

Good morning, Sharon,
I use the method from Bancroft and Stevens, if you can't get your hands on
the book, let me know and I will send the protocol.  The most important
factor, I stress "important", is cleaning your glassware before doing the
stain, acid wash with concentrated nitric acid.  If you don't your slides
will stain unevenly, if at all!
Bancroft, JD, et al.  Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques.  New
York:Churchill Livingstone; 1996:365-366.
Good luck,
Jo Dee Fish 

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Does anyone have a good, reliable method for Gallyas Stain?  I would
appreciate a copy of it.  The two methods I have tried haven't been great &
I'm really short on time to troubleshoot the method.
 Thanks for any help you can give me.

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