[Histonet] zebrafish brain fixative

From:Sunhwa Lee


I am asking you guys could help me with fixative for zebra fish brain.
 I am working on zebra fish brain, I used to use 4% PFA and AFA
(alcohol formalin Acetic acid).  So far, AFA works better than PFA.
And there is a woman who is using PFA for her zebra fish arbor in my
lab, and PFA seems to work very well for her zebra fish arbor.  But I
cannot understand why 4% PFA does not work with zebra fish brain. 
Actually AFA smells stinky and very toxic so sometimes, it makes
nausea.  Does anyone who has experience with zebra fish brain?

I never work with zebra fish arbor so I cannot tell the difference,
but she said it works well.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am
particularly interested in which formulations of fixative are the best
for zebra fish brain and why.  In advance, thank you so much.


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