[Histonet] preparation of chromic acid solution for CAS....

From:"Ul Soo Choi"

Hi, histonetters! 

I am interested in CAS chromic acid Schiff stain, instead of PAS. 
The following article prompted me to change it with CAS. 


But, I am not aware of the protocol how to prepare chromic acid solution. 
Also I am still just wondering if CAS produces more distinct and good contrast
than PAS in the tissues, and cytology samples. I usually use cytological specimens. 

I would like to hear your experiences on CAS. 

Let me hear.....

Thank you always. 


Ul Soo Choi
DVM., PhD.
Dept of clinical pathology, CVM, SNU
Seoul, Korea
email. cytologer@gmail.com
tel 82-02-880-8688
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