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malcolm a school would need to do a number of things.  From NAACLS comes

"Basic Eligibility Criteria for Becoming An Accredited Program
NAACLS applies the following basic eligibility criteria when it
considers an applicant program for initial accreditation:

1. The sponsoring institution and affiliates, clinical and/or academic,
if any, must be accredited by recongnized regional and or natinal agencies.

2. Academic institutions sponsoring clinical laboratory science
education programs must be empowered by a state authority to grant the
appropriate degree.

3. The institution must be legally authorized under applicable state law
to provide postsecondary education."

You can find the rest in pdf format at:


The guide to accreditation goes through a process of self study of the
program, paper self review of the program, site visit of program, site
review of program and then board approval.  In the past this was handled
by CAHEA for a fee but now it is handled as far as I can tell by NAACLS
for HT and HTL programs among the other allied health programs out there
looking for accreditation to qualify its graduates to take the ASCP
registrys'.  Hope this helps you find the direction for what your school
may have in mind. It would be great to see more schools opening than

orginal message said
From:	"Malcolm McCallum"

Now this is a new thing to me.
What would a school need to do to offer a histotech certificate or
degree (bs) program???
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