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James, to qualify for the qualification you take the 50 question test
and submit an employer reference form + of course satisfy one of the
three routes.  There is no practical to submit anymore.  I think that is
what you are asking.  It seems to me that it wouldn't matter about
specificity antigens/markers or what diseases or human cells.  There is
no requirement other than what is requested on the employer reference
form which you can't see the details until you order and receive your
packet. Is it possible for anyone to post a copy of the employer
reference form.  From the ASCP website this is what it says "

Qualification in Immunohistochemistry
Experience requirements

Applicants must have experience in the following areas

    * Immunohistochemical and Immunofluorescence Preparation
      All of the following should have been performed by the applicant
          o staining technique
          o selection of proper control material
          o titration of immunologic reagents 

    * Immunophenotyping
      in at least one of the following applications
          o immunodeficiencies
          o immunoproliferative disorders (neoplastic and non-neoplastic
          o transplantation biopsies
          o other immunophenotyping applications
            please specify: ______________________ 

    * Quality Assurance
      The applicant should have participated in Quality Assurance
related to all of the following
          o specimen fixation, processing, microtomy
          o reagent selection, preparation, storage, disposal
          o method selection, validation, documentation
          o quality control
          o safety 

"  This is the experience which I am assuming is only documented for the
ASCP through the employer reference form, hence if you only do A and C
and not B you can't qualify unless your employer is dishonest on the
form. Because even if you crosstrain into what I assume is flow
cytometry but don't actually work it day to day as part of your job you
do not qualify because you have not had experience doing it for a
minimun of 12 months.  As for research, same thing if you do all of it
every day then your good to go.  If not it is a grey or is it gray area
 that I'm looking more information/details on.  In the past you
qualified your work with different immuno stains as a practical , I
don't remember there being a flow requirement.  Maybe I'm wrong but
anyone have this info I'm looking for.

G Hurlburt HT(ASCP)
sunny and warm NC

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