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I missed the change to the QIHC requirements in January.  I was
wondering if anyone on the histonet was involved in that change or was
aware of who was involved in that change and if they could elaborate on
the specific second requirement about immnunophenotyping.  As far as I
can tell these techniques are specific to flow
cytometry/cytometry/cytometers. Techniques utilizing procedures for
immunodeficiency monitors/immunoproliferative disorders and
transplantation biopsies that may be using antibodies to identify
certain epitopes/antigens are as far as I can tell in most cases
separate sub-lab (if you will) functions.  Sub-lab as in lab a part of a
whole department with separate labs handling flow, immuno etc... How is
a technologist  supposed to actually qualify for the QIHC when most
businesses are going to hire a technologist only for one of the lab
areas and not both?  Cross-training may be OK but that doesn't really
qualify as being involved in the day to day work in both labs. Is this
requirement supposed to motivate people to quit working at the one lab
after the 12 month period and then work in the other lab for at least 12
months to get both experiences for the requirements to have them in the
previous 5 years?  Making a requirement like this on the surface seems
to me encouraging people to do things like quit a job that may not be in
there best interest just  to qualify for the QIHC.  The lucky ones(very
few) will work for  a place that actually does crosstrain and make the
next leap by allowing the employees  to rotate through the different
labs.  Does the ASCP really want this reality? Was this requirement
thought through by someone thoroughly?  I'd really like some help
understanding the mentality behind this change.  While the 50 question
test is nice, maybe how much emphasis is placed on the employer
reference submission.  If they say you have been doing the other two
requirements extensive immunos/and the QAQC part of the job including
the routine preparation histology, then for those of us(the many) that
aren't in the flow lab are  we excused from that requirement?  Anyone?
All replies greatly appreciated in advance. 

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