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From:"Gus Mondragon"

You can avoid deleteriuos artifact in tissue by limiting your fixation
to 10% NBF. Alcohol is considered an "additive" fixative which means
that alcohol molecules are incorporated into the tissue irreversibly;
altough this is OK histochemically, there
is a harsh re-configuration of the protein aminoacid in tissue by the
alcohol. This reaction is electrostatically and it is permanent. In
contradistinction, Neutral buffered formalin is  a"Non-additive
fixative" that is the linking between the aldehyde molecules and
aminoacids is covalent and therefore gentle on the tissue without an
irreversible change in the morphology of the proteins. This is why we
can do antigen retrieval in IHC, where the aldehyde crosslink is
breaking apart with the aid of heat. More on this issue in the next
Histologic issue coming out soon. You may want to supply some 10% NBFto
your tissue source. Hope this can help you, Lorraine.
Gustave Mondragon, Lab Manager
gmondragon @gsopath.com     
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