[Histonet] IHC staining intensity.

From:louise renton

Dear all,

I am currently in discussion with someone doing research who is using
a semi quantitative method of reporting stainig using INTENSITY of
cytoplasmic staining as a means of quantifying results.  Staining for
a specific antibody is reported as ranging from zero to 3+.  What I
would like to know is whether IHC intensity is influenced by the
thickness of the section. What I mean is, if staining is seen in a
whole cell, or one that has been bisected - will there not be a
variation in that one will appear darker when compared to the other?
Or is this variation minimal? Is my logic fuzzy?

I appreciate any input on this matter

best regards

Louise Renton
Bone Research Unit
University of the Witwatersrand
South Africa
"....onwards through the fog!"

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