[Histonet] IEC Minotome & Reichart 855 Cryostat Manuals Needed Help!


Hello all. Does anyone have a manual for a Damon / IEC Minotome  model Mino 
Analog cryostat (IM-175 rev 1 I believe is the manual I need for the  IEC) and 
a Reichart 855 cryostat. A pdf file attachment of these full manuals to  my 
e-mail address will be fine. I am willing to pay for a copy, pdf, or  original. 
I need them for our labs CLIA inspection ASAP. Thank you for your  help.
Donna Emge, HT-ASCP
4111 Clinton Ave
Stickney, IL 60402
_djemge@aol.com_ (mailto:djemge@aol.com) 
W 312-503-2036 (9 to 5)
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