[Histonet] Fwd: microtomes

From:"Atoska S. Gentry"

Hello All, since I do not currently need any of the items listed below I 
decided to share it with you. Atoska

>From: "James" 
>Subject: microtomes
>Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 17:30:15 -0700
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>Dear Atoska,
>If you might be needing a microtome or coverslipper I have some attractive 
>deals available:
>Microm 335E microtome, fully refurbished, like new condition, 1 year 
>warranty, $4500.  This is an electronic microtome featuring motor driven 
>coarse feed, trim feed and section advance, manually driven 
>handwheel.  Equivalent in quality to Leica and Sakura equipment,  price 
>offered is below market and lower than what many strictly manual 
>microtomes sell for.
>Refurbished Reichert/Leica RM2030 for $3,000.
>Refurbished Microm CTM6 glass coverslipper for $10,500
>Please let me know if you are interested and I will provide more 
>info.  Also have cryostats, embedding centers, tissue processors, 
>stainers, paraffin dispensers and slide warmers.
>Jim Thompson Jr.
>Schlufenhausen Instrument Sales

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