[Histonet] Cryostating and Kultschitsky's stain


Hello everybody,

I am cryostating with gelatin embedded CNS tissue. I will be staining with silver stains which I have heard is not very penetrative. I am cutting at 30um. 

Could I ask is this too thick for these stains? 

I have tried cutting thinner sections (15um) but unfortunately I am getting chucking ie it will just cut a small section out of the lower section of the block every 2nd section.  Despite adjusting everything on the cryostat and changing blades nothing seems to improve this (I was getting perfect sections at 30um). Does anyone know what's wrong?

Finally how long can you keep kultschitsky's stain and Iron alum? I made up a stock solution of both but the quality suddenly deteriorated.

Thanking you for any help,

Gerald McKeon

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