[Histonet] Auto stainer IHC/SS

From:"Lewis, Sarah"

Just a quick question in regards to the Autostainer Plus from Dako. I am currently looking to purchase an Automated Immuno Stainer. I have demoed The i6000, Mozaic, and the Nemesis.  I will soon demo the Autostainer Plus from Dako.  They claim to be able to do special stains and IHC. Are any of you running specials on your Autostainer plus?  Any thoughts on this?  Also,  If you have any experience with any of the units any feedback would be appreciated!!!  The i6000 also claims to do specials as well,  I only ran a few,  I never tried to run IHC and specials together on the same run.(They have disposable pipette tips which eliminates the cross contamination issue.)      Any thoughts would be great!!! Thanks in advance!!!           

Sarah E. Lewis 
Childrens Research 
Center for Gene Therapy 
700 Childrens Dr Rm WA3112 
Columbus OH 43205 

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