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From:"Roxanne Soto"

   If  this  undergrad  will  ever  gross  tissue  in  PLEASE express the
   importance of thickness of the tissue to be processed......


     From:  Geoff McAuliffe 
     To:  Malcolm     McCallum     ,Histonet
     Subject:  Re: [Histonet] teaching histology newbee
     Date:  Wed, 02 Nov 2005 10:00:47 -0500
     >Hi Malcolm:
     >    I would give a short (15-30 minute) talk about how tissue is
     >prepared (fix, dehydrate, clear, embed, section, mount, stain) and
     >show a few artifacts (folds, tears, etc). I do think you should
     >briefly explain H&E and maybe trichromes and PAS. Definitely
     >explain, with illustrations, how immunostaining works.
     >    In the old days (when I was a student) there might be some
     >discussion  of  how different fixatives can give different 'looks'
     >now that everything is done in buffered formalin (or some secret,
     >commercial  mixture  of who knows what) there seems to be no point
     >this. Save that for teaching microtechnique.
     >    Good luck!
     >Malcolm McCallum wrote:
     >>I will be teaching an undergraduate histology this spring.  For
     >>those of you who teach this, what fraction of the course do you
     >>devote  to  techniques versus anatomy?  Do you include pathology,
     >>so, how extensively? How extensively do you require them to
     >>understand the differences among stains, and how do you structure
     >>your laboratories?  Anything else I should consider?
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