Re: [Histonet] reproducing microwave temperatures

From:Rene J Buesa

If you are talking about a "home cooking" microwaves oven (MWO) temperatures are 
difficult to reproduce unless you calibrate your MWO. I published a paper on the
subject but I don't have an electronic version of it. If you are interested in a copye you can 
e-mail me your FAX number I will send you a copy.
Now if you are talking about a MWO of the recent breed for tissue processing, that
is a a given since they have thermo probes connected to the magnetron tube in a way
that you set a desied operation temperature and the MWO will reach and keep it.
Now, even in this category there are MWO with variable wattage output that will deliver
the energy in a continuous way (these are to be preferred) and others just deliver
wattage in "bursts" meaning that the magnetron tube will be off and on during alternate
periods of time resulting in a average energy to be correlated to certain temperature.
Rene J.

Bernadette Weston  wrote:
A few years back I attended a convention taht did a workshop on how to check 
your microwave for reproducible tempertures. I remember having a worksheet 
for that seminar, does anyone have a method they like to share for this 
Bernadette Weston HT
Barberton Citizens Hospital

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