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From:Rene J Buesa

I think that the ratio really depends on economics/management rather than in the pathologist's profficiency.
If you have a large volume of work you will have to take care of it in timely manner no matter how the pathologist feels about his diagnosis. An insecure pathologist will only make things worse (from the workload point of view) but it will also be a matter of management to "reign in" some "overacting" pathologist (something that will be the task of the chief pathologist if s/he considers the action as adequate).
Thank you for your data.
Rene J.

"Madary, Joseph"  wrote:
Doesn't it depend on the type of pathologist one has? New or insecure pathologists tend to over order, where as the minimalist pathologists(we love them don't we?) order what they need to get the job done, make mission, go fishin. For the record we have two experienced pathologists and 4 experienced histotechs who perform everything. I think PA kind of throw a curveball in the mix too since some are more pathologistlike and others are more histotechlike.

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