Re: [Histonet] antibody

From:"Andrea T. Hooper"

What do you mean the secondary antibody's isotype is IgG (H+L)? You 
mean they are anti-IgG (H+L)??

"Anti-IgG (H+L)" means anti-IgG (all isotypes) but reacts with both 
heavy and light chains. So if I understand you correctly, then yes 
these antibodies will react with your IgG1 and IgG3.

If at all unsure I strongly recommend you talk to the technical 
center of the company who made the antibody or get the specification 
sheet for your secondary.

>Dear all,
>I have ordered two primary antibodies, their isotypes are IgG1 and 
>IgG3 repectively. In our lab, there are some secondary antibodies, 
>their isotypes are IgG (H+L), so I wonder if I use these secondary 
>antibodies for immunofluorescence.

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