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From:Rene J Buesa

I used a xylene recicler for 12 years and it paid itself after 36 months (in disposal and buying savings). The recycled xylene was used for everything (tissue processing and staining). When we began using mineral oil for tissue processing, we cut our expenses even more and then the recycled xylene was used to clean the tissue processors.
I had only wished to have been recycling earlier!
Rene J.

Rod Coombe  wrote:
I am interested in comments from people who have used solvent recylers. Is
the recylced xylene suitable to use in processing machines? Are you
recycling alcohol from the processing machines and have you had problems
with xylene contamination in the alcohol through the processing machine? How
long does it take to recycle 20 litres of alcohol? Is anybody recycling
formalin in preference to having it commercially disposed of and if so how
long does it take to recycle 20 litres of formalin? Which are the best

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