Re: [Histonet] Sihler's Stain

From:Rene J Buesa

Hi Dianne:
Sihler's method was published by Bohm and Oppel in 1907 and is used in pieces of fesh muscle. The solutions are:
A- water 75 mL + glycerol 12 mL+ acetic acid 12 mL + chloral hydrate 0.75 g
B- water 75 ml + Ehrlich hematoxylin (1886 formula) 12 mL + glycerol 12 mL + chloral hydrate 0.75 g
C- 0.1% acetic acid in glycerol.
Method: pieces of fresh muscle in Sol.A for 18 hours; transfer to Sol.B for 3 to 10 days; transfer to Sol.C untill differentiated, mount in glycerol, seal coverslip with wax.
Hope this will help!
Rene J.

Dianne Holmes  wrote:
Is anyone familiar with this process to counterstain nerve fibers within a relatively transparent muscle? I need a materials and method list. Can anyone help me?

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